Discover QIUB’s Sustainable Grinders at the PLMA Trade Show in Amsterdam

QIUB’s team is thrilled to announce our first participation at the Private Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA) Exhibition in Amsterdam, scheduled for the 28th and 29th of May at the RAI Exhibition Center. A great opportunity to present our range of sustainable grinders to the main packers and retailers in Europe.

At QIUB Packaging, we are committed to innovation and sustainability, and we are happy to showcase our latest developments at the PLMA Trade Show. In fact, as a world premiere, we will be unveiling our REGRINDER: the world’s first grinder with a ceramic mechanism that is not only reusable but also recyclable and adjustable, thanks to an innovative system developed and patented by QIUB.

Furthermore, we will take this opportunity to present our full range of sustainable grinders, manufactured using recyclable or even recycled materials. This comprehensive range allows us to meet the demands for customization, differentiation, price, and sustainability from Europe’s leading retailers.

Don’t miss the chance to be among the first to discover our sustainable grinders at the PLMA Trade Show in Amsterdam. Visit us at Stand C10 in Hall 4, and let us share everything we can offer to your brand or your clients’ brands!

We look forward to seeing you in Amsterdam!


QIUB Expands into North American Market with 1-Pack US Partnership

QIUB is excited to announce our expansion into new markets through strategic partnerships. We partnered up long-term in North America with 1-Pack US, an innovative packaging company that has been delivering packaging solutions in America since 2017 and Europe since 1876.

1-Pack, a family-owned business with over 80 years of combined management experience in packaging design, development, manufacturing, and trading, has a strong expertise in creating monomaterial solutions for the industry. Their large network of customers in the US market makes them an ideal partner for QIUB.

Together, QIUB and 1-Pack are collaborating to address sustainability changes through innovation. By combining our strengths in technology, research, and market understanding, we are developing eco-friendly products and streamlining operations. This partnership represents a milestone for our valued customers in the US market, who will now have the opportunity to be directly served from 1-Pack’s warehouse in Pennsylvania.

Our shared commitment to driving positive change and pioneering sustainable solutions in the packaging industry is reflected in this partnership. US customers can now easily find our grinders made from PET, r-PET, and BIO PET. We look forward to continuing our work with 1-Pack to bring innovative and sustainable packaging solutions to the market.

Additionally, as a reminder, QIUB will be participating in next week’s ASTA convention in Tucson (Arizona) from April 16th to 18th. We look forward to showcasing our latest offerings and engaging with industry professionals.

QIUB Packaging at ASTA 2024 Annual Convention: Innovation, Cooperation, and Sustainability

In 2024, Qiub Packaging will once again exhibit at the annual ASTA (American Association Spice Trade Association) convention, taking place in Tucson, Arizona, from April 16th to 18th. This will provide us with the opportunity to reconnect with clients and continue cooperating on projects with major salt and spice packagers across the Americas.

This event, in addition to being an excellent networking opportunity, will serve as a platform to showcase our latest innovations developed to meet the needs of our American clients. Our goal is to adapt our grinders to our clients’ packaging needs, always considering their production processes and consumer usage experiences. All of this, while maintaining our focus on promoting sustainability, positioning QIUB as a global leader in PET, rPET, and BIO-PET grinder manufacturing.

At Qiub Packaging, we take pride in remaining members of the American Association Spice Trade Association (ASTA), and therefore, we will be exhibiting once again.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit our booth to explore our products. Discover, alongside our team, how we can help you find the best packaging solution for your spices. See you in Tucson!

New photovoltaic plant at QIUB PACKAGING facilities!

Since the end of July 2023, QIUB PACKAGING facilities have been equipped with a new photovoltaic plant for self-consumption. This new installation, with a capacity of 363kWp, covers nearly 17.5% of our energy demand, resulting in a reduction of emissions by 133 tons of CO2 per year!

This milestone will positively contribute to QIUB’s ongoing efforts to reduce its carbon footprint in 2023 and the coming years. This achievement aligns with the company’s sustainability policy, as it was already a pioneer last year, being one of the first Spanish companies to voluntarily calculate and verify its carbon footprint according to UNE EN ISO 14064-3:2019, registering the greenhouse gas calculation in the National Carbon Footprint Registry (R.D. 163/2014).

This is the second plant of this kind to become part of the Miniland group’s buildings, as we have had the first photovoltaic plant since 2005, with a capacity of 99.5 kWp.


On the other hand, at QIUB, we expect to continue reducing our emission ratio in the coming years by increasing the use of materials that, in addition to being recyclable, come from recycled bottles (rPET) or renewable sources (BIOPET). These materials significantly reduce the emission factor relative to material consumption and are suitable for a circular economy.

The best way to care for the future is by reducing the footprint we leave in the present.

QIUB Packaging launches its new line of flapper caps for ground spices and herbs.

In the world of spice packaging, QIUB Packaging takes a new step forward by announcing the release of its highly anticipated line of flapper caps designed specifically for packing herbs and ground spices. This addition to their catalog showcases their commitment to remain a leading company in the manufacturing of packaging items for the herbs and spice sector.

Variety and adaptability: four different dispensing models.

What truly sets this line of dispensing caps apart is its diversity. Recognizing that different herbs and spices come in various sizes and shapes, QIUB Packaging offers four different hole models for these dispensing caps. This choice provides packagers with the necessary flexibility to select the option that best suits the type of herbs and spices they plan to package, with the aim of fulfilling all packaging needs.

User-friendliness and increased turnover.

QIUB Packaging takes pride in having created dispensing caps that benefit not only packagers but also end consumers. These caps are designed to be user-friendly, meaning cooking enthusiasts will be able to season their dishes precisely and effortlessly. The unique opening mechanism of the caps not only ensures accurate dispensing but also provides an intuitive user experience.

Furthermore, the distinctive design of these caps has an impact beyond the household, as it not only enhances the customer experience but also boosts product turnover on supermarket shelves. This results in greater visibility and demand for the product, benefiting both packagers and retailers.

QIUB Packaging: a benchmark in the industry.

After becoming a global leader in the manufacturing of sustainable grinders for salts and spices, made from PET and rPET, QIUB Packaging launches this new line of dispensing caps in response to customer demand, offering a comprehensive range of items for packaging herbs, salts, and spices.


In summary, the launch of QIUB Packaging’s new line of dispensing caps marks a milestone in their growth strategy. The variety of hole models, user-friendliness, and unique opening mechanism combine to provide a product that benefits both packagers and end consumers. QIUB Packaging continues to solidify its position as a benchmark in the manufacturing of packaging items for salts and spices, and this latest addition to their catalog demonstrates their unwavering pursuit of excellence

The art of milling. Discover the advantages of using salt and spice grinders.

Have you ever wondered why some dishes have an exceptional flavor and aroma? The answer can be found in the use of grinders for salts and spices. These small kitchen utensils have become the preferred choice of chefs and culinary enthusiasts who seek to elevate their gastronomic creations to the next level. Discover the advantages of using grinders for salts and spices, both for consumers and spice packers.

Grinding just before consumption:

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BPA Free grinders for spices and salts!

Our grinders do not contain bisphenol A to ensure the health of consumers!

As manufacturers of grinders for salts and spices, we want to assure you that all of our products are BPA free.

It is important to note that bisphenol A is a chemical used in the manufacturing of some plastics, including polycarbonate. For this reason, for several years, QIUB Packaging, SA is not using polycarbonate (PC) in the manufacturing of grinders for spices and salts. This material (PC) was eliminated to ensure the production of products without bisphenol A.

Bisphenol A in food poses a health risk

This substance has been controversial due to its possible negative effects on health. In fact, recently, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) published a report highlighting the health problems associated with bisphenol A. According to the report, this substance could have negative effects on the reproductive system, thyroid, and nervous system, among others.

As a company committed to the health and well-being of our customers, at QIUB we consider it essential to ensure that our products are safe and free from any substance that may have negative effects on health. That is why we ensure that our grinders are made with safe materials and are free from bisphenol A.

At QIUB Packaging, SA we remain committed to the manufacture of high-quality and safe products for all of our customers. And you, are you using BPA free grinders?

QIUB Packaging to showcase innovative salt and spice packaging at ASTA convention

We are pleased to announce that QIUB Packaging SA has become a member of the American Spice Trade Association (ASTA). As member, we will participate in the annual convention taking place in San Diego from May 9th to 11th. During the event, QIUB Packaging, SA will showcase its innovative grinders and lids for packaging salts and spices.

Being part of ASTA is an important milestone for QIUB Packaging, SA, as it allows us to establish contacts with industry leaders and experts in spices and salts. Additionally, it gives us the opportunity to present our innovative packaging solutions to an audience interested and committed to quality, innovation, and food safety.


The ASTA convention is one of the most important of the year for the spices and salts industry in the Americas. There, attendees can learn about the latest trends, research, and technologies related to the world of spices and salts. QIUB Packaging, SA will be there to share our knowledge and experience in packaging and to demonstrate how our solutions can help spice and salt producers improve the quality and consumer experience of their products.

We are excited to participate in the ASTA convention and look forward to seeing our colleagues and customers there. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit us at our booth to learn about our products and talk to our team. Contact us for a date and more details. See you in San Diego!

Discover the latest packaging innovations of QIUB at INTERPACK!

Are you looking for sustainable and cutting-edge packaging solutions for the packaging of salts and spices and other food products? Then you cannot miss the participation of QIUB Packaging at INTERPACK! We will be at Stand H19 in Hall 9 to present our latest packaging innovations, including our range of grinders based on the 4Rs philosophy: Recyclable, Recycled, Reusable and Renewable.

Innovating in sustainability

At QIUB Packaging, we know the importance of sustainability in consumer purchasing decisions. For this reason, we have developed a wide range of salt and spice grinders inspired by the 4Rs philosophy. We develop recyclable packaging solutions, with the aim of reducing environmental impact and promoting a circular economy. In addition, we are the first company in the world to manufacture grinders from rPET, that is, PET from bottle recycling, this being the only recycled material valid for contact with food capable of resisting the quality demands of our customers, becoming in the most ecological and sustainable option.

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PET bottles are one of the most common types of waste on our planet. Let’s give it a new life.

Recycling PET bottles is important because it helps reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills, rivers, and oceans. This recycled PET material can be used to manufacture new products, such as clothing, carpets, bottles and…, thanks to the technology developed by QIUB, also grinders for salts and spices.

The use of grinders made from recycled materials gives value to waste by generating a real demand for this material. This encourages more and more companies and governments to focus on the collection and treatment of PET bottles, to value this waste and give it a new life, without the resulting product being excessively expensive (find out how to deal with inflation and stay sustainable). Continuar leyendo «RECYCLING IS GIVING A NEW LIFE.»