How to deal with inflation and stay sustainable

As we approach the dates set, between 2025 and 2030, to meet the objectives of the European Strategy for Plastic in a Circular Economy, having sustainable packaging becomes increasingly important. For this reason, packaging becomes a strategic piece, not only for differentiation, but also for achieving a sustainable growth. This is a reality that we see every day in the main companies in the food sector. Leading companies which try to distance themselves from their competitors by offering their products in more sustainable packaging.

However, the continuous increase in the cost of raw materials, added to the exorbitant increase of energy costs, suggests that the change towards more sustainable packaging may be a difficult task due to the impact of inflation.

At QIUB PACKAGING we understand how important it is to choose a sustainable packaging solution, therefore we want to offer our customers sustainable grinders for spices and salts. In this way, we follow the 4R philosophy – Recyclable, Recycled, Renewable, Reusable- in order to cause the least possible impact on the planet. In this sense, we design the best proposal, adjusting to the budget and needs of our clients.

If you have wondered how to have sustainable grinders and make your brand shine at an attractive price, we have the solution for you. QIUB gives you the possibility of obtaining a sustainable solution now also with lower percentages of rPET (eg 30% and 50%) reducing the effect of inflation.

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