New photovoltaic plant at QIUB PACKAGING facilities!

Since the end of July 2023, QIUB PACKAGING facilities have been equipped with a new photovoltaic plant for self-consumption. This new installation, with a capacity of 363kWp, covers nearly 17.5% of our energy demand, resulting in a reduction of emissions by 133 tons of CO2 per year!

This milestone will positively contribute to QIUB’s ongoing efforts to reduce its carbon footprint in 2023 and the coming years. This achievement aligns with the company’s sustainability policy, as it was already a pioneer last year, being one of the first Spanish companies to voluntarily calculate and verify its carbon footprint according to UNE EN ISO 14064-3:2019, registering the greenhouse gas calculation in the National Carbon Footprint Registry (R.D. 163/2014).

This is the second plant of this kind to become part of the Miniland group’s buildings, as we have had the first photovoltaic plant since 2005, with a capacity of 99.5 kWp.


On the other hand, at QIUB, we expect to continue reducing our emission ratio in the coming years by increasing the use of materials that, in addition to being recyclable, come from recycled bottles (rPET) or renewable sources (BIOPET). These materials significantly reduce the emission factor relative to material consumption and are suitable for a circular economy.

The best way to care for the future is by reducing the footprint we leave in the present.