QIUB Packaging launches its new line of flapper caps for ground spices and herbs.

In the world of spice packaging, QIUB Packaging takes a new step forward by announcing the release of its highly anticipated line of flapper caps designed specifically for packing herbs and ground spices. This addition to their catalog showcases their commitment to remain a leading company in the manufacturing of packaging items for the herbs and spice sector.

Variety and adaptability: four different dispensing models.

What truly sets this line of dispensing caps apart is its diversity. Recognizing that different herbs and spices come in various sizes and shapes, QIUB Packaging offers four different hole models for these dispensing caps. This choice provides packagers with the necessary flexibility to select the option that best suits the type of herbs and spices they plan to package, with the aim of fulfilling all packaging needs.

User-friendliness and increased turnover.

QIUB Packaging takes pride in having created dispensing caps that benefit not only packagers but also end consumers. These caps are designed to be user-friendly, meaning cooking enthusiasts will be able to season their dishes precisely and effortlessly. The unique opening mechanism of the caps not only ensures accurate dispensing but also provides an intuitive user experience.

Furthermore, the distinctive design of these caps has an impact beyond the household, as it not only enhances the customer experience but also boosts product turnover on supermarket shelves. This results in greater visibility and demand for the product, benefiting both packagers and retailers.

QIUB Packaging: a benchmark in the industry.

After becoming a global leader in the manufacturing of sustainable grinders for salts and spices, made from PET and rPET, QIUB Packaging launches this new line of dispensing caps in response to customer demand, offering a comprehensive range of items for packaging herbs, salts, and spices.


In summary, the launch of QIUB Packaging’s new line of dispensing caps marks a milestone in their growth strategy. The variety of hole models, user-friendliness, and unique opening mechanism combine to provide a product that benefits both packagers and end consumers. QIUB Packaging continues to solidify its position as a benchmark in the manufacturing of packaging items for salts and spices, and this latest addition to their catalog demonstrates their unwavering pursuit of excellence