BPA Free grinders for spices and salts!

Our grinders do not contain bisphenol A to ensure the health of consumers!

As manufacturers of grinders for salts and spices, we want to assure you that all of our products are BPA free.

It is important to note that bisphenol A is a chemical used in the manufacturing of some plastics, including polycarbonate. For this reason, for several years, QIUB Packaging, SA is not using polycarbonate (PC) in the manufacturing of grinders for spices and salts. This material (PC) was eliminated to ensure the production of products without bisphenol A.

Bisphenol A in food poses a health risk

This substance has been controversial due to its possible negative effects on health. In fact, recently, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) published a report highlighting the health problems associated with bisphenol A. According to the report, this substance could have negative effects on the reproductive system, thyroid, and nervous system, among others.

As a company committed to the health and well-being of our customers, at QIUB we consider it essential to ensure that our products are safe and free from any substance that may have negative effects on health. That is why we ensure that our grinders are made with safe materials and are free from bisphenol A.

At QIUB Packaging, SA we remain committed to the manufacture of high-quality and safe products for all of our customers. And you, are you using BPA free grinders?