To innovate is always to go one step further

We would like to collaborate with you, advising you from the initial idea and working with you throughout the process until we come up with the ideal solution to speed up and optimise your packaging process. But in the meantime, here are a few real cases. Customers who entrusted us with a challenge to which we responded with an innovative and efficient solution.

Functional grinders made of 100% recyclable material
The challenge

To develop grinders with a highly and easily recyclable polymeric material that avoids the use of acrylic materials and guarantees excellent resistance to abrasion.

The solution

Undertake an exhaustive selection of materials, accompanied by the technological development needed to manufacture a mechanical device of such complexity as a grinder for salts and spices, developed to ensure a satisfactory user experience for the end consumer. A solution of great technical difficulty, overcome thanks to the know-how and expertise we have accumulated over more than 50 years in injection moulding.

A locking system and a design that increase productivity and reduce logistical costs.
The challenge

To develop a grinder that would improve our customer’s packaging process, reduce logistics costs and improve productivity.

The solution

The creation of a new grinder cap and the corresponding mouth of the jar.

The added benefit of this creation was twofold: on the one hand, an increase in productivity in our client’s packaging process, thanks to the development of an innovative registered guidance system so that the grinder could be easily attached to the mouth of the jar, thereby allowing faster packaging. On the other hand, an increase in the number of units per pallet, thanks to the development of an optimal pallet design, with the consequent reduction in storage and shipping costs.

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