World Nature Conservation Day

The traditional consumer habits based on “use and throw away culture” is causing that humanity takes planet Earth to an extreme situation.

For this reason, it is becoming increasingly necessary to create more sustainable products, which means that we must to create products that can either be reusable, or that are manufactured with 100% recyclable and/or recycled 100% PCR materials.

Products, in essence, that reduce the amount of waste generated, decrease pollution and protect Nature by allowing to extend the useful life of goods created by humanity, including their packaging.

Fortunately, we can still take the appropriate measures to build a more sustainable future, but the truth is that time is running out and we cannot just talk about the situation, we have to take action.

Our commitment.

For this reason, at QIUB Packaging we continue to work hard on the creation of sustainable products, such as the new ceramic grinder – a packaging solution for a reusable grinder that can be manufactured even with recycled 100% PCR materials, giving a new life to an already discarded bottle, turning it into a new reusable item and extending its useful life.

In short, we offer a large range of salt and spice grinders that reflects our commitment to protecting nature.

For more information about our range of sustainable grinders, contact us here.

QIUB Packaging revalidates the BRC certification with the highest score

QIUB Packaging has recently revalidated the prestigious “BRC for Packaging” certification, obtaining the AA ratingthe highest score on the demanding update 6 of the standard. This version places greater emphasis on management’s commitment, by establishing a program that pursues the safety of manufactured products, thanks to the analysis of risks and hazards and supporting a quality management system. At the same time, it promotes greater transparency and traceability throughout the supply chain, and introduces a new fundamental clause regarding the implementation of corrective and preventive actions, to address problems and minimize the risk or their occurring.

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Global Recycling Day : Join the 3R’s Challenge!

Global Recycling Day

Global Recycling Day was established by UNESCO on the 17th of May as a day to remember and make the community aware about the growing need of recycling and reducing their environmental impact as much as possible.

This day is marked on the calendar, therefore, as a key milestone to redirect the habits of international society towards practices that help to slow down climate change.

However, in order to enable citizens’ efforts to materialize in effective recycling, companies must contribute to this aim by creating widely recyclable products.

Our commitment.

For this purpose, at QIUB Packaging we have invested many resources in recent years in R&D, to adapt our offer to the demands of society and nature. The result has been a range of grinders for spices and salts based on the 3R philosophy and providing added value to our clients: Continuar leyendo «Global Recycling Day : Join the 3R’s Challenge!»

Visit us at INTERPACK!

We will exhibit our latest developments in packaging at the Interpack 2017 Fair in Dusseldorf from the 25th February to the 3rd March 2021, at booth H19 in Hall 9. We will show our new ranges of grinders for salts and spices developed in response to consumer requirements by offering to our clients the largest range of mills for a circular economy.

Our wide variety of customizable grinders characterized by the 3R’s philosophy (recyclable, recycled, reusable) and their optimum performance, thanks to the state-of-the-art engineering design of each component and the application of laboratory methods that allow us to manufacture top-quality grinders for the perfect milling of all kinds of spices and salts.

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