World Recycling Day

World Recycling Day is traditionally celebrated on May 17. This date, established by UNESCO, is an ideal day to try to make us all aware of our consumption habits.

Therefore, it is a day to focus on the origin of what we consume, but also on the waste generated by the consumption of human activity. Something that is becoming increasingly important in consumers’ purchasing decisions: What is the origin of what we buy? What will happen to the waste of what I am buying?

At QIUB we are aware of the importance of creating sustainable packaging. For this reason, when we develop new products, we do it thinking about their design, quality, and functionality, but above all in their sustainability. As a result of this eagerness to offer sustainable packaging, in 2020 Qiub Packaging launched the first salt and spice grinder made of 100% sustainable materials such as PET and r-PET, being the first company in the world to achieve this milestone. Continuar leyendo «World Recycling Day»

International Mother Earth Day | Sustainable Grinders

Earth Day is a special day to reflect on the consequences of human activity on our planet so that we can take action to protect it.

Climate change caused by CO2 emissions, indiscriminate waste production, deforestation…, are just a few examples of the causes that can accelerate the rate of destruction of the planet.

Fortunately, there are many things that can be done to take care of Mother Earth, but we need to act now! Do you know how we can help you achieve this?

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Time to Grill & Chill

It’s time to disconnect and prepare a delicious Grill

Everything you need for the BBQ season. Are you ready?

Especially in these frenetic days of this noisy world we need to take a break. And what could be better than preparing a good BBQ and spending time with our loved ones – there’s nothing better than adding salt and pepper to life!

Barbecue for many people is synonymous of good weather, family, good mood, and free time. And what do you need to prepare it?

Apart from sauces, meat and fresh vegetables, what a good barbecue must never be lacking are delicious spices and grinders that can grind them well to enhance the flavour of the ingredients.

That’s why at QIUB we have developed our XXL grinders, but also some other different formats of mills made out of sustainable materials, always considering our environment.

And why do we do this? Because in this way we add value to our customers’ products and to Nature.

If you want to know more about our XXL grinders,


How to deal with inflation and stay sustainable

As we approach the dates set, between 2025 and 2030, to meet the objectives of the European Strategy for Plastic in a Circular Economy, having sustainable packaging becomes increasingly important. For this reason, packaging becomes a strategic piece, not only for differentiation, but also for achieving a sustainable growth. This is a reality that we see every day in the main companies in the food sector. Leading companies which try to distance themselves from their competitors by offering their products in more sustainable packaging.

However, the continuous increase in the cost of raw materials, added to the exorbitant increase of energy costs, suggests that the change towards more sustainable packaging may be a difficult task due to the impact of inflation.

At QIUB PACKAGING we understand how important it is to choose a sustainable packaging solution, therefore we want to offer our customers sustainable grinders for spices and salts. In this way, we follow the 4R philosophy – Recyclable, Recycled, Renewable, Reusable- in order to cause the least possible impact on the planet. In this sense, we design the best proposal, adjusting to the budget and needs of our clients.

If you have wondered how to have sustainable grinders and make your brand shine at an attractive price, we have the solution for you. QIUB gives you the possibility of obtaining a sustainable solution now also with lower percentages of rPET (eg 30% and 50%) reducing the effect of inflation.

If you want to learn more, contact us!

Leading company in the manufacture of sustainable grinders.

At QIUB Packaging we know that there is no plan(et ) B and that is why we want to continue to be a leading company in the transformation of the packaging sector towards a circular economy. We are strongly committed to the use of environmentally friendly materials to be a lead the manufacture of sustainable grinders.

Our commitment is focused on developing and expanding our range of sustainable grinders for salt and spices. Thus we contribute to the progress of present and future society, creating value for our customers and the social environment.

In line with our strategy, we have recently completed the transformation of our N38S40 (also known as 40mm or 41mm) range of grinders. We are pleased to announce that this range can now also be manufactured with widely and easily recyclable materials, or recycled materials like r-PET (material obtained from recycled bottles) and with biobased materials.

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See you soon at FachPack!

We are happy to announce our participation in the FachPack fair from 28th to 30th September 2021 in Nuremberg (Germany).

This will be the first major event for the packaging sector in Europe, after the restrictions suffered by the global pandemic of COVID-19. An ideal time to showcase our latest packaging developments, created to enable a circular economy.

At the last edition of FachPack in 2019, we were proud to present the world’s first salt and spice grinder made out of 100% r-PET material from post-consumer recycled bottles, contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

This time we will surprise you and show you the latest innovations in grinders and more.

We will show you the packaging solutions of the future, to achieve from now a more sustainable world.

Our stand will be placed in Hall 7/Stand 7-407, where we will present new formats of salt and spice grinders in response to consumer demand, offering our customers the widest range of grinders on the market, characterised by the 4R’s philosophy: recyclable, recycled, reusable and renewable.

A wide variety of sustainable grinders, easily customisable to enable greater differentiation on the shelf for our customers. Our grinders are not only highly resistant, but also stand out for their optimum performance for the consumer, thanks to ongoing research into materials, the design of more efficient mechanisms and the use of laboratory methods that ensure manufacturing to the highest quality standards.

Among this year’s novelties, it is worth highlighting the launch of new formats of sustainable grinders complying with the philosophy of the 4R’s, as well as what will be QIUB’s first salt and spice flapper cap.

For more information about our products or our participation in FACHPACK, please contact us here.

QIUB celebrates World Environment Day launching a new sustainable grinder!

Biobased Grinder

We only have one planet Earth. We must protect it together, because it is our home.

The deterioration of the natural habitat caused by climate change is threatening the diversity of plants and animals that surround us.

World Environment Day is celebrated on June 5, an event with which the United Nations aims to promote the generation of actions in defence of the natural environment and the planet. In this way, it aims to encourage and show that everyone can do something for the Earth.

At Qiub Packaging we want to do our part. Therefore, in addition to developing salt and spice grinders made out of materials that are 100% recyclable, 100% recycled and reusable, we wanted to go a step further. We have developed bio-based grinders.

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World Recycling Day

Recycled Grinders

Every year, the Earth produces billions of tonnes of natural resources that at some point in the near future could be exhausted in a linear economy – in which every manufactured product ends up being discarded, falling outside of the production cycle.

This economic model, based on the intensive consumption of all kinds of raw materials, has a serious impact on the Environment. It destroys natural environment to obtain new resources, but also it generates huge waste that either ends up being incinerated, increasing greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere, or ends up in landfills or oceans around the world.

UNESCO designated 17th May as World Recycling Day. A milestone to draw attention to the waste of natural resources and to raise awareness of the importance of protecting the planet by recycling, taking advantage of the high value that the generated «waste» has within a circular economy model.

The recent pandemic situation and lockdown made people to be more aware of the consequences of human activity on the Environment. We are therefore facing a new era with increased environmental awareness and unimaginable opportunities to help make the Earth a more sustainable place.


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Día Mundial del Reciclaje

Recycled Grinder

Cada año, la Tierra produce miles de millones de toneladas de recursos naturales que en algún momento, en un futuro no muy lejano, podrían agotarse en una economía lineal, en la que todo producto fabricado acaba siendo desechado, saliendo del ciclo productivo.

Este modelo económico, basado en un consumo intensivo de materias primas de todo tipo, tiene un grave impacto sobre el medio ambiente, por la destrucción del medio natural para la obtención de nuevos recursos, pero también por la generación de residuos que, o bien acaban siendo incinerados, aumentando las emisiones de CO2 a la atmósfera, o bien acaban alimentando los vertederos de todo el mundo.

La UNESCO nombró el 17 de mayo como el Día Mundial del Reciclaje. Un hito para llamar la atención sobre el derroche de recursos naturales y con el objetivo de concienciar a las personas sobre la importancia de proteger el planeta mediante el reciclaje, aprovechando el alto valor que los “residuos” generados tienen dentro de un modelo de economía circular.

La reciente situación de pandemia y el confinamiento, han provocado que las personas seamos más conscientes sobre las consecuencias de la actividad humana en el medioambiente. Por ello, nos enfrentamos a una nueva era con una mayor sensibilización medioambiental y oportunidades inimaginables para ayudar a hacer de la Tierra un lugar más sostenible.

¿Pero qué es el reciclaje y sobre todo por qué es importante reciclar?

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Good for you, Good for our Mother Earth

Sustainable Grinders

Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22nd, with the aim of raising awareness and sensitising people about environmental problems by promoting a more sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

What we eat and how we prepare it not only has a significant impact on our health, but also on the climate.

Sustainable nutrition in its holistic understanding includes how food is grown, fished, processed, packaged, transported and stored.

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