World Recycling Day

World Recycling Day is traditionally celebrated on May 17. This date, established by UNESCO, is an ideal day to try to make us all aware of our consumption habits.

Therefore, it is a day to focus on the origin of what we consume, but also on the waste generated by the consumption of human activity. Something that is becoming increasingly important in consumers’ purchasing decisions: What is the origin of what we buy? What will happen to the waste of what I am buying?

At QIUB we are aware of the importance of creating sustainable packaging. For this reason, when we develop new products, we do it thinking about their design, quality, and functionality, but above all in their sustainability. As a result of this eagerness to offer sustainable packaging, in 2020 Qiub Packaging launched the first salt and spice grinder made of 100% sustainable materials such as PET and r-PET, being the first company in the world to achieve this milestone.

Our 100% PET salt and spice grinders, apart from being highly resistant, are also 100% recyclable and manufactured in Spain.

But in Qiub we wanted to go one step further to protect our mother earth in which we live, manufacturing grinders for salt and spices in 100% r-PET, a recycled material POSTCONSUMED and valid with food contact. An excellent material, which is obtained from recycled bottles in Europe, giving them a second life, and reducing CO2 emissions by up to 70% compared to the manufacture of other grinders with virgin materials.

In addition, the use of r-PET has many advantages, some of them are the following: they promote recycling by giving value to the waste generated by consumers, avoid pollution caused by the manufacture of virgin products, reduce the volume of landfill and waste incineration, reduce CO2 emissions as it is not a virgin material and save energy.

By recycling the household packaging we consume on a daily basis, we save water and energy, reduce the amount of waste in landfills and CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and, most importantly, we make the most of resources by avoiding waste.

Make a commitment to a more sustainable world, join Qiub.