At QIUB Packaging we have everything ready to present our wide range of grinders at the PACK EXPO International fair that will take place from October 23rd to 26th in Chicago, the main meeting place for the packaging industry in North America.

It will be a very special event, as it will allow us to exhibit for the first time on American soil all the novelties that QIUB Packaging is developing. For example, we will present our first flapper cap for salts and spices, with which we will expand the packaging options for this industry.

As specialists in the manufacture of grinders for spices and salts, our mission is to develop efficient food packaging solutions for our customers by being responsible with final consumers, improving their user experience. And we do it by working in a partnership relationship. At we QIUB we adapt to specific needs of each market, always with the aim of adding value to the product packaged by our customers.

In addition, at QIUB Packaging we are proud to be the world’s first manufacturer of grinders in rPET (recycled PET). A milestone in the global food packaging industry given its technical complexity for too main reasons – the particular characteristics of the material, as well as the functional characteristics and the manufacturing process of the grinders for salts and spices.

In this way, at QIUB we offer a sustainable alternative that not only reduces CO2 emissions into the atmosphere by up to 70%, but also promotes recycling by adding value to the waste generated by consumers.

PACK EXPO, therefore, will be a magnificent opportunity to show our clients the creativity and innovative capacity that characterize us. Don’t miss out on your ticket and visit us at Booth W-22028 with CODE: 73N87! See you in Chicago!