Global Recycling Day : Join the 3R’s Challenge!

Global Recycling Day

Global Recycling Day was established by UNESCO on the 17th of May as a day to remember and make the community aware about the growing need of recycling and reducing their environmental impact as much as possible.

This day is marked on the calendar, therefore, as a key milestone to redirect the habits of international society towards practices that help to slow down climate change.

However, in order to enable citizens’ efforts to materialize in effective recycling, companies must contribute to this aim by creating widely recyclable products.

Our commitment.

For this purpose, at QIUB Packaging we have invested many resources in recent years in R&D, to adapt our offer to the demands of society and nature. The result has been a range of grinders for spices and salts based on the 3R philosophy and providing added value to our clients:

100% Recyclable grinders: we are pioneers in the manufacture of grinders characterised by being widely recyclable worldwide and produced always with high quality materials. #Recyclable

100% Recycled mills: Thanks to our injection moulding technology we are able to manufacture high quality grinders caps for spices and salts made with up to 100% of material recovered from post-consumer recycled content achieving up to 70% of CO2 footprint reduction. #Recycled

Ceramic grinders: by introducing a ceramic mechanism, we ensure that our grinders can be reused by consumers over and over again. #Reusable

In short, a range of grinders that shows our commitment to the planet, QIUB Packaging’s desire to excel and anticipate. Values ​​that have allowed us to go 10 years ahead of the “European Strategy for Plastics in a Circular Economy”, which states that “By 2030, all plastics packaging placed on the EU market is either reusable or can be recycled in a cost-effective manner

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